Event Planning & Marquee Venues

Special events occur all the time, night or day and are created for weddings and a variety of other special occasions. With these special events comes the need for event planning. Other examples of events are trade shows, seminars and conferences, golf events, anniversaries and parties. Find out about marquees to hire.

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How to choose the right marquee tent?  

There are several considerations to be made to ensure that those who attend your event will enjoy their stay, be protected from the elements and be housed in a classic, opulent or solid room. Other considerations are to have a tent that is large enough for everyone, to have extra space in the tent for tables and chairs and to ensure that the fabric of the tent be of durable material. 

Reasons for a marquee

Marquees are not only necessary for special occasions, they are also necessary in case there is inclement weather. Rain and wind can disrupt the best of plans. There are many marquee options to choose from such as coast cliffs, a sandy beach or a beautiful look of ocean and sky. 

Marquees are also a great way to say "I Do" or to celebrate an anniversary or other special event. In addition, another reason for a marquee is to protect everyone from unpredictable winds and inspire and give a WOW factor to everyone attending, regardless of what is going on outside of the tent. 

Advantages of getting a marquee

Installing a marquee gives you the freedom to choose the location you want, as well as the style and convenience. For example, you can choose a countryside setting or a beach or village setting. In addition, by getting a marquee you are not limited to a certain number of guests and you can choose the design and style of a marquee. You can choose the theme of the marquee, as well as the decorations and style of tables and chairs. 

Most importantly, you can choose a caterer. Most importantly, temporarily installing a marquee is less expensive than hiring a resort or hotel and it is more convenient. Some specialist marquee companies also supply dance floors and staging, lighting and furniture, caterers and florists or recommend companies that can help you with other event needs. 

To conclude, special events are popping up everywhere and with those events come the need for event planning. See how marquees to hire can help you!